How was Peru?

Charlie Thorsen on March 23, 2018

Where do we begin?  Cockroaches of unusual size? Motocar rides? Church services in Spanish? Shapibo welcome dances? Our trip to Peru was an amazing privilege to see how God is building His church in Peru! As you can see on our Photos page, Puerto Nuevo, the village we visited, welcomed us as honored guests (being the first non-Peruvian missionaries to visit the village). The heat, humidity, and bugs made it a difficult two days, but the welcome, warmth and view of God's activity in that village far out weighed those small difficulties.  Pastor Adolfo has taught God's word in this village for almost a year. God has...

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How Was Bolivia?

Charlie Thorsen on August 10, 2017

I don’t know if we can adequately express the experience of returning to Bolivia! To serve these servants was a privilege and a gift to say the least. To renew friendships with this team, our neighbors and friends was again a gift. Our team was a picture of the Body of Christ, each had their function and each functioned so well! The main sessions where Charlie, Dawn, Monte and Austin led worship and prayer were sweet and God’s Word brought by a veteran SIM missionary challenged our hearts. The missionary kids loved their classes with Bonna, Caris, Nicole and "girls"...

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Fighting with a Coworker

Charlie Thorsen on March 11, 2017

Meg Smith is a young woman who came through SIMStart and SIMGo trainings, raised her prayer and financial teams and was off to Nigeria for two years with a team mate. Those two years flew by and she was back, having loved on another continent, God was leading her to become a part of the mobilization team at SIM USA. She had also experienced the down side of living on another continent, sickness. Malaria had taken it's toll, but she had recovered, or so she thought. In the US she still wasn't feeling well. Months went on, then a year...

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#prayforteachers 2017

Charlie Thorsen on January 31, 2017

Last February we began a prayer campaign called #prayforteachers, driven by the great need that our SIM schools, including Carachipampa Christian School in Bolivia, have in recruiting and keeping teachers. This is the time of year where staffing for the next school year becomes more urgent. The words of Jesus continue to echo as we once again plan to #prayforteachers. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;  therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38). God is the one who moves, calls and sends. We are asking Him...

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How Was Thailand!?

Charlie Thorsen on September 7, 2016

Since returning from Thailand just over a month ago, we’ve had to really hit the ground running. In that time, our kids have had to jump into marching band camp (Monday-Thursday 8AM-9PM days), begin school, start youth group and ministry at church. We had a Launch summer internship group return from the field (one intern was from Tami’s home church in Iowa!), a SIMStart with 20 applicants attending, and Tami’s dad passed away at the end of August. All this has happened since our return from Thailand! You can see that there has been constant motion forward since landing back...

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