Prayercast, Another Prayer Help

Charlie Thorsen on August 13, 2018

“What are ways we can pray as a family for the world?” “How can our church pray for missions?” I’ve been asked these questions multiple times in different settings. I shared one tool for families in this blog post. Prayercast is another tool that we use in the SIM USA office. Our friends at Prayercast have partnered with SIM and other like-minded mission organizations to produce video-based prayers for the world. Through videos you see the country, the needs, the people and the church, but also, can join with a believer from that country as they pray for their own country. Click here...

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How was Peru?

Charlie Thorsen on March 23, 2018

Where do we begin?  Cockroaches of unusual size? Motocar rides? Church services in Spanish? Shapibo welcome dances? Our trip to Peru was an amazing privilege to see how God is building His church in Peru! As you can see on our Photos page, Puerto Nuevo, the village we visited, welcomed us as honored guests (being the first non-Peruvian missionaries to visit the village). The heat, humidity, and bugs made it a difficult two days, but the welcome, warmth and view of God's activity in that village far out weighed those small difficulties.  Pastor Adolfo has taught God's word in this village for almost a year. God has...

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How Was Bolivia?

Charlie Thorsen on August 10, 2017

I don’t know if we can adequately express the experience of returning to Bolivia! To serve these servants was a privilege and a gift to say the least. To renew friendships with this team, our neighbors and friends was again a gift. Our team was a picture of the Body of Christ, each had their function and each functioned so well! The main sessions where Charlie, Dawn, Monte and Austin led worship and prayer were sweet and God’s Word brought by a veteran SIM missionary challenged our hearts. The missionary kids loved their classes with Bonna, Caris, Nicole and "girls"...

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Fighting with a Coworker

Charlie Thorsen on March 11, 2017

Meg Smith is a young woman who came through SIMStart and SIMGo trainings, raised her prayer and financial teams and was off to Nigeria for two years with a team mate. Those two years flew by and she was back, having loved on another continent, God was leading her to become a part of the mobilization team at SIM USA. She had also experienced the down side of living on another continent, sickness. Malaria had taken it's toll, but she had recovered, or so she thought. In the US she still wasn't feeling well. Months went on, then a year...

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#prayforteachers 2017

Charlie Thorsen on January 31, 2017

Last February we began a prayer campaign called #prayforteachers, driven by the great need that our SIM schools, including Carachipampa Christian School in Bolivia, have in recruiting and keeping teachers. This is the time of year where staffing for the next school year becomes more urgent. The words of Jesus continue to echo as we once again plan to #prayforteachers. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;  therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38). God is the one who moves, calls and sends. We are asking Him...

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How Was Thailand!?

Charlie Thorsen on September 7, 2016

Since returning from Thailand just over a month ago, we’ve had to really hit the ground running. In that time, our kids have had to jump into marching band camp (Monday-Thursday 8AM-9PM days), begin school, start youth group and ministry at church. We had a Launch summer internship group return from the field (one intern was from Tami’s home church in Iowa!), a SIMStart with 20 applicants attending, and Tami’s dad passed away at the end of August. All this has happened since our return from Thailand! You can see that there has been constant motion forward since landing back...

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You can serve in Thailand!

Charlie Thorsen on July 8, 2016

Prayer is not limited to boundaries! Nor is it limited to time zones! As you pray for us, God will hear and answer! And as we step towards Thailand, leaving July 16, we need your prayer support! Here are some specifics of how you can pray for us and our team: Please pray for... 1. Ease from jet lag (this is Tami's biggest anxiety as she gets exhausted easily). 2. Tami's personal DAILY eye comfort & care. 3. Unity within the team as we are spread pretty thin in our ministry areas of speaking, worship leading, childcare, computer updating and...

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Thailand again!?

Charlie Thorsen on May 11, 2016

I met John (name is changed) when I attended SIM's Global Assembly in Thailand last year. John and his family are church planters in Thailand, from another Asian country, where they serve as SIM missionaries with one other team member. As we ate lunch together he shared a bit of his life and ministry with me - working in a small village where Christ is least known, leading a small group Bible study, and struggling to educate their children (education options are very limited in this part of Thailand). As they struggle for the gospel in their community, opportunities for...

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Spiritual Life Conferences

Charlie Thorsen on May 2, 2016

Recently no one worked at SIM USA for two days! For those two days, we gathered together to hear from God through Dr. Daniel Hahn, founder of ‪Catalyst International‬. Daniel shared very honestly and frankly about tuna cans. When he was about 13 years old, he went with his family to serve in Ghana, with SIM. When they left the US, they packed a stock pile of tuna cans that was to last them about four months. But soon after arriving, he watched as the tuna cans would slowly (sometimes quickly) disappear, given to Ghanean friends in need. He uses...

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New places, same message!

Charlie Thorsen on April 1, 2016

A new partnership is forming to take the gospel into new places for SIM! SIM and MECO (Middle East Christian Outreach) International are joining hands in a determined effort to drive the gospel forward as we work with churches and other organizations in the Middle East. The region offers one of the biggest gospel opportunities of our generation and this new initiative will seek to put more workers into Middle East countries. Both SIM and MECO leadership teams believe that together they are far better able to take the good news of Jesus to where he is least known than either...

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Because You Prayed for Teachers...

Charlie Thorsen on March 31, 2016

  Thank you for  praying for teachers and workers for our schools over the month of February! We need to celebrate! God has revealed himself by answering our specific prayers for more workers for His harvest field! As the team who worked on this prayer emphasis got together in early March, collecting all the pieces of what we saw God doing through February, the image of throwing a pebble into water, creating ripples came to mind. We “threw" the pebble of prayer into the water, and God answered in different ripples. Allow us to share these “ripples” with you as...

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SIMStart? SIMGo? What's the Difference?

Charlie Thorsen/Bob Givens on March 4, 2016

We're in the midst of SIMGo this week at SIM USA. We talk a lot about SIMGo and SIMStart, because we're involved in preparing, launching and supporting new missionaries. So what's the difference?! Here's the difference between SIMStart and SIMGo as written by one of our colleagues and friends from Bolivia, Bob Givens. There are two distinct phases to the training at the SIM USA Global Mission Center. SIMStart phase:  Folks come to the SIM USA Global Mission Center from Wednesday to Sunday, exploring if in fact the SIM is the mission for them.  They participate in Staff Interviews, Psychological...

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What are you doing at 3:25? #prayforteachers

Charlie Thorsen on February 4, 2016

"Please pray! Our school needs 24 teachers and staff for next year's school year!"  "Please pray that God would supply a 5th grade teacher. Other teachers have had to cover different classes for 5th grade."  Over the course of the last month, God has brought these needs of teachers in our SIM-related and other schools around the world to my attention multiple times, in various ways. But not only to my attention, but to others in the office as well.  These schools are invaluable to our mission families, giving them education options that would not normally be there for their...

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Prayer & Celebration Team

Charlie Thorsen on January 23, 2016

In November I wrote an article for SIM USA's office news. I thought I would pass it on... The earliest appearance of the phrase By Prayer in the SIM archives was seen in a letter written by Rowland Bingham to the mission community in 1935 (SIM Intercom, May–June 2008). Recently several appointees have shared with me that SIM’s commitment to prayer is what drew them to SIM. This commitment to our dependence on God, By Prayer, is foundational in all we do, who we are. In the U.S. office, I am honored to work with a team of people who...

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What do you do?

Charlie Thorsen on January 22, 2016

My official title is "Director of Prayer and Celebration". If you have seen SIM's website, stationary, logos and other publications, you'll see not too far removed the motto, "by prayer". In fact on the sign by the front of the driveway of our offices, it  states, "SIM USA By Prayer Since 1893". This is a very true statement. The founders of SIM began the vision of reaching the interior of the Sudan region in 1893, "by prayer", relying on God through prayer to provide all that was needed to reach this area for Christ.  When Tami and I served with...

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Ten Reasons I'm Thankful for SIM USA's Home Office

An SIM USA Missionary on January 22, 2016

A SIM missionary wrote a blog on why they were thankful for the home office staff. When we served in Bolivia, we could identify whole-heartedly with what she wrote. Now as a part of the home office staff, we're humbled to give the care to missionaries that we received while we served in Bolivia.  Here's what this missionary wrote:  10 Reasons I’m Thankful for the Home Office Staff As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, I’ve been thinking about how thankful I am for the home office staff in my organization. I know that some home office workers struggle in support...

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Worshipping Christ in Heart, Word and Deed

Charlie Thorsen on December 18, 2015

Early this year, SIM’s International Director began emphasizing a return to basics. That all we do in missions flow from our worship of Christ. That is missions; That we worship personally, and as we worship, we share the object of our worship, Christ, in word and deed. We’re in the middle of the time of year where Christ is on more lips than ever before. (And we wonder why it is “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”!) Christmas celebrations include all kinds of things for all people. Food, family, giving, presents, sun, snow; all of these are a part...

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War Room

Charlie Thorsen on September 1, 2015

Where do I begin with parallels to the movie "War Room" and what we seek to do with the prayer ministry at SIM USA…Let’s start with this one… A colleague of mine at SIM recently shared this story: Her late husband was part of the Member Care Team at SIM before his death in 2010, “He served as a lower ball gunner on a B17 (Flying Fortress Bomber) during WWII. When he used to crawl into that little space underneath the aircraft, he was comforted knowing that there was a supply line ready to step in and supply anything they...

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SIM...By Prayer

Charlie Thorsen on July 27, 2015

You’ll see the term “By Prayer” wherever you see SIM. Not only is it our motto, it’s our longstanding practice. By Prayer is an expression of our dependence on God. In faith, we rely on Him for the provision of all our needs – truly, without Him we can do nothing. It is also a call to action in our life and ministry. By Prayer means there is a major work to be done on our knees. Finally, By Prayer is a celebration! We give the Lord all the credit and glory, not only for what He has accomplished but...

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SIMAir - Arrived

Charlie Thorsen on May 8, 2015

Africa is a very large continent! Because of it’s size and the challenges of transportation, sometimes the best way to travel from area to area is by air. This is especially true in emergency situations. What may take eight hours to drive to, may take an hour by plane. SIMAir in Niger has been serving the missionaries in Niger for many years. Because of the rising cost of aviation fuel, SIMAir has been praying for planes powered by diesel fuel. Diesel is much cheaper and easier to acquire in Niger. Two years ago, SIMAir introduced their first diesel fueled Cessna...

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Pray for Missions as a Family

Charlie Thorsen on May 8, 2015

One of the questions we have been asked over the years is, "How can we as a family pray and learn about missions?" There are several tools and books, websites and blogs available to help families learn and pray for missions.Our prayer team was recently introduced to a new book, "40 Days 40 Bites: A Family Guide to Pray for the World."  This book is a full color guide to pray for the world divided into 40 days. Each day introduces a country, a missions theme, (such as translation), or a world religion. As you read that day's guide, it...

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What Was Thailand Like?

Charlie Thorsen on April 8, 2015

There were many new sights, sounds and tastes for me on my first visit to Asia! Here is a three minute video showing you a bit of the sights and music of this beautiful country:

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Global Assembly Thoughts

Charlie Thorsen on March 31, 2015

SIM Leaders from around the world gathered in March for the 2015 Global Assembly. It was a time of learning as we sat under different teachers; a time to seek after God through daily devotions together, teaching and times of worship through song. The International Director asked me to lead a multicultural team who would lead these times of worship in song. Each day there were two sessions of worship, both a half hour in length. Many people have asked me since returning from Thailand, “How was it?!” I’ve been having a hard time answering this question. It was an...

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Worship and the Mission of God

Charlie Thorsen on February 7, 2015

My position as Director of Prayer & Celebration includes my oversight of the prayer communications, teams and activities within SIM USA (Director of Prayer), seeking to engage the church in prayer for missions and missionaries. But it also includes a worship aspect (Celebration). Missions is fueled by or grows out of our worship. The tie between our worship and God's mission is most clearly seen in Psalm 63: Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth. Sing to the LORD, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the...

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Charlie Thorsen on August 28, 2012

As we have been in youth ministry for over 20 years, there have been many abbreviations that have come across our "desk". Now with texting the number of abbreviations seems to have multiplied in a really short time - LOL, PK, MK, TTYL are all a part of our daily vocab (how's that for another abbreviation?)  So here's another abbreviation that has become more of a reality in the recent years for us: TCK. TCK stands for "Third Culture Kid". So what is a third culture kid? As author David Pollock defines it, it is "a person who has spent...

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