Our Story

"I'll never be a missionary!" These words came out of Charlie's mouth and two years later we were teaching at Carachipampa Christian School in Bolivia, South America for one year. 

After that year, God directed us to serve in student ministry, at Center Street Baptist Church, making Marshalltown, Iowa home for 10 wonderful years. Through a missions trip to Bolivia with the church God called us to full time missions serving in Bolivia, team-teaching high school Bible at CCS (again!)
In 2004 we began ministry in Bolivia, team-teaching the high school Bible classes at Carachipampa Christian School, and serving as high school campus pastor.
Soon after starting at CCS, God led us to begin a neighborhood outreach out of our home where the CCS students could minister to the kids in our neighborhood. This "Kids Club" ministry grew and expanded as did the number of CCS students helping. This was an amazing ministry both to our neighborhood kids and in training CCS students in ministry! 

We transitioned the "Kids Club" to our neighborhood church, Bella Vista, where the kids could learn and grow more in their relationship with Jesus.
Due to health reasons, we ended our ministry in Bolivia in January 2012. We are currently serving at the SIM USA office in Charlotte, NC.
Charlie serves as the Director of Prayer & Celebration, overseeing the prayer ministries at SIM USA. Charlie leads the daily and monthly prayer sessions and leads worship for training sessions and Spiritual Life conferences in the SIM USA office and around the world.He also oversees the Prayer & Celebration team who gathers and distributes prayer requests from the 800 SIM USA missionaries around the world. Their goal is to:
  • ENLARGE prayer support for SIM's missionaries and ministries.
  • ENGAGE the Church to pray for missions and gospel advancement.
  • ENCOURAGE a culture of celebration and prayer in the SIM USA office and beyond.​
​Tami is a life coach. This ministry of helping others reflectively bring to the surface their true thoughts, intentions, and motives to further their discovery and align their action with how the Holy Spirit is leading, guiding and empowering their unique God-given calling, gifting and potential is ​exciting to her! God has given her different clients within SIM, other mission organizations, the local church as well as people within our local community. 


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