You can serve in Thailand!

Charlie Thorsen on July 8, 2016

Prayer is not limited to boundaries! Nor is it limited to time zones!

As you pray for us, God will hear and answer! And as we step towards Thailand, leaving July 16, we need your prayer support!

Here are some specifics of how you can pray for us and our team:

Please pray for...
1. Ease from jet lag (this is Tami's biggest anxiety as she gets exhausted easily).

2. Tami's personal DAILY eye comfort & care.

3. Unity within the team as we are spread pretty thin in our ministry areas of speaking, worship leading, childcare, computer updating and security work for the Thailand missionaries.

4. Holy Spirit empowerment for spiritual sensitivity to those we are around, making the most of every opportunity.

5. Personal commitment for each of us to have hearts focused IN the Word, led by His Spirit and serve by His strength.

6.  Austin & Caris would learn from their Great Shepherd what leading by serving really means.(Phil. 2)

7. Protection from the enemy's tactics of motley-colored warfare.

8. Open hearts & eyes to greater awareness, compassion and Gospel advancement for the lost among the Thai people we will be among in markets, streets, temples, restaurants, and taxis.

9. God to generously refresh His workers in Thailand as we meet together for worship in His Word, song and fellowship.

10. Stan (SIM USA missionary) as he opens the Word and shares what God has placed on his heart to encourage, nourish and challenge all those at the conference.

11. The missionary kids will truly sense being loved by God through our team as we shower them with love, delight and attention!

May God allow dear friendships to form among the Thailand MK's and Austin and Caris for this time and in the long term so continuing encouragement can take place.

Thank you for praying! God will hear and He WILL powerfully answer in His mighty way for His glory and our good!


Thailand: Southeast Asia from SIM USA on Vimeo.