#prayforteachers 2017

Charlie Thorsen on January 31, 2017

Last February we began a prayer campaign called #prayforteachers, driven by the great need that our SIM schools, including Carachipampa Christian School in Bolivia, have in recruiting and keeping teachers. This is the time of year where staffing for the next school year becomes more urgent.

The words of Jesus continue to echo as we once again plan to #prayforteachers. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;  therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38). God is the one who moves, calls and sends. We are asking Him to move in the hearts of His people to meet these staffing needs. These teachers not only help keep missionary families on the mission field, but they also have their own mission field: their classroom, a mission field within a mission field.
For the month of February, SIM USA is praying that God would raise up workers for His field, specifically, teachers for schools that serve our missionary families as well as those who serve in homeschooling situations where there may not be a formal school.
While the emphasis is on teacher staffing needs, we don’t want to forget to pray for these teachers in general (for their health, spiritual protection, walk with the Lord, their missing family etc.) Many serve in very difficult areas of the world.
To do this together, we have created a prayer guide (below) to remind us to pray daily for teachers at 3:25 pm (the time school generally lets out).
In addition to using the prayer guide, here are some other ways you can help us spread the word.
1.       Please share the prayer guide with friends, Sunday School classes, and small groups as a way to get more people involved in praying for these needs. Consider also sharing the prayer guide with any teachers you may know.
2.       Please follow and share the SIM USA Facebook page as stories and prayer requests related to teaching opportunities are shared through the month.
3.    Point people to the #prayforteachers website on simusa.org. This page is linked with SIM USA’s education page.
4.    On Thursday, February 16, we will host a 24-hour prayer time in conjunction with SIM USA’s monthly Day of Prayer. You can sign up for a 15-minute time slot through the day by clicking here.
In all this, we are trusting the Lord of the harvest to do the work only He can do and expecting Him to act, all for His glory and His gospel advancement.