Fighting with a Coworker

Charlie Thorsen on March 11, 2017

lemons  lyme (002)

Meg Smith is a young woman who came through SIMStart and SIMGo trainings, raised her prayer and financial teams and was off to Nigeria for two years with a team mate. Those two years flew by and she was back, having loved on another continent, God was leading her to become a part of the mobilization team at SIM USA. She had also experienced the down side of living on another continent, sickness. Malaria had taken it's toll, but she had recovered, or so she thought.

In the US she still wasn't feeling well. Months went on, then a year and the doctors were confounded. It was finally found that Meg was suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease. This would leave her weak, bed-ridden and in pain.

She recently had an appointment with the top Lyme Disease specialist in the country. He suggested a new treatment to begin in April. This treatment is aggressive, expensive, and not covered by insurance, but he believes will bring her Chronic Lyme Disease under control.

Close friends of Meg have started a YouCaring page to help raise funds for this treatment. That page is here.

There is also a facebook page for following her progress. That page is here.

Coworkers in the SIM USA office held a sweet time of prayer for Meg over the lunch time hour this week. 

We'd ask you to pray for her, take a look at the links above and prayerfully consider if you would join Meg and many others who are fighting this with her.

Below is a bit more information about Meg and her battle.

Thank you!