Pray for Us



You'll see the term "By Prayer" wherever you see SIM. Not only is it our motto, it's our longstanding practice.

By Prayer is an expression of our dependence on God. In faith, we rely on Him for the provision of all our needs - truly, without Him we can do nothing.

It is also a call to action in our live and ministry. By Prayer means there is a major work to be done on our knees.

Finally, By Prayer is a celebration! We give the Lord all the credit and glory, not only for what He has accomplished, but for who He is and what He will do.

Prayer lies at the core of who SIM is. Two of SIM's core values are "Dependent on God" and "A People of Prayer".


As Charlie serves as "Director of Prayer & Celebration" for a mission with such an emphasis on prayer, he feels there are such "big shoes to fill" and we can honestly say that we have felt the "battle" around us rage!

As we launch and support new missionaries, we are engaged in a spiritual battle, one waged by prayer and being dependent on God, His promises and His Word. (Eph. 6:12ff)

We can't do what God has called us to without the prayer support of others.


Would you partner with us through prayer? We are looking to God to provide 75 additional prayer partners, committed to pray for us and God's mission around the world.

Here are some ways you can pray for us and God's work:

1. Daily Prayer Guide. You can use this as a guide to pray for us through the week.

Sunday - Spiritual Life - Pray for our time in God's Word and prayer, individually and as a family; for our spiritual growth and protection. Pray for us as we serve in our church here, through children's, student and prayer ministries.

Monday - Personal Life - Pray for our marriage and time with our kids; For health, strength, rest, creativity and energy. Physical and spiritual protection. Pray for our relationships as a family. Pray that God would add financial and prayer partners to our ministry team.

Tuesday - Communication - Pray as we communicate with missionaries and their teens. Pray for Charlie as he daily leads the office in prayer and worship, that his communication would build the morale of the SIM USA Office team.  Pray for our communication among our family, neighbors and church that it would build one another up and reflect Jesus. Pray for opportunities to use and practice our Spanish.

Wednesday - Relationships - Pray for our relationships with SIM missionaries on the field as well as in the home office. Pray for our relationships with our neighbors and those in our church. Pray for good friendships for our kids in school and their youth group.

Thursday Balance – Pray that Charlie would know how to balance the many responsibilities at SIM, at church and at home. Pray for wisdom to know what to delegate among his team. Pray for us as a family that we would help one another learn this balance.

Friday - Evangelism - Pray that we would be sensitive to God's Spirit throughout our day, that we would share the hope we have in Christ in word and deed with those we are with each day, in our neighborhood and with the band family.

Saturday - Bolivia: Pray for the stability of the government and the people. Pray for wisdom for the president and government officials. Pray for the Bolivian church, specifically those who worship at "Bella Vista" church. Pray that they would grow in the grace and knowledge of God, looking for ways to share Christ in their communities and country. Please continue to pray for our good friend and taxi driver Edwin, in Bolivia. Pray as he continues to read God's Word and watch evangelical messages. Pray that He would trust Christ to be his Savior.

2.  "Sign Up" to receive regular prayer & celebration updates on our "Sign Up" page.


3. Resources on SIM USA's website. There are prayer requests daily on the SIM USA's website (The prayer team Charlie leads is responsible for these.) You can pray for the daily requests that are there and look through the other resources.