What People Say

What are people saying about the ministry we are partnering together in?


"One of the major things that drew us to SIM was your ministry of Prayer & Celebration Charlie." - SIM Appointee to Ecuador


"Thanks so much for your ministry through prayer and worship. We all appreciate what you do for us so much." - SIM Appointee to Ethiopia


"Thanks for all you do to put prayer time together for us, what a great way to start our day! I appreciate the work and foresight it takes each morning to keep things fresh and engaging… in other words, “You Rock”." - SIM Office Staff


"Thank you Charlie for making our worship time so rich during SIMGo! I so appreciate you and your family. - SIM Office Staff 


"I realize how important this role (Director of Prayer & Celebration) is of not just leading us through prayer, but having a presence.  It sets the tone.  It is a key leadership position and voice." - Bruce Johnson, President of SIM USA