How Was Bolivia

I don’t know if we can adequately express the experience of returning to Bolivia! To serve these servants was a privilege and a gift to say the least. To renew friendships with this team, our neighbors and friends was again a gift.

Our team was a picture of the Body of Christ, each had their function and each functioned so well! The main sessions where Charlie, Dawn, Monte and Austin led worship and prayer were sweet and God’s Word brought by a veteran SIM missionary challenged our hearts. The missionary kids loved their classes with Bonna, Caris, Nicole and “girls” from our team. The teens had a great time together as Andrea, Austin, Sara and her son Steven spent time with them. Free time activities with Monte like ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, Bible journaling and jewelry making were a hit! Friday night’s “SIMBolivia’s Got Talent (or not!)” talent night was a great time of laughing together! It was a sweet (and cold!) week together!

One of our veteran Bolivia missionaries shared with Charlie on one of the last days of the conference, “This was the most refreshing, encouraging SLC we can remember.”

The Spiritual Life Conference (SLC) chairperson said this on her Facebook page post the week after SLC was done: “The first week of July we had our annual Spiritual Life Conference, with all of our missionaries serving all over Bolivia. It was a great week thanks to the amazing team who came down from the US! Thank you so much Charlie, Dawn, Sara, Bonna, Andrea and everyone else!! Thank you all once again for helping make this SLC so great!”

We spent the second week of our visit with Dawn, our SIM USA payroll administrator and bass player. We visited ministry sights in the mornings (CCS, the Bible seminary, Quechua radio station and SIMBolivia office), saw the sights and shopped in the afternoons and evenings were with friends. We visited “The Potter” counseling and student ministry center in Santa Cruz as we were leaving Bolivia.

It was very special returning to Bolivia, and especially being able to house-sit the house we lived in for so many years. We even had a “road-block day” where the bridges to the center of town were blocked because of increasing electric rates. So we just stayed home that day and enjoyed the down time like everyone else! Dawn got a good glimpse of life in Bolivia!

In many ways we are still processing this trip. Our kids will hold tightly to this trip. Though the time flew and reunions sweet, God confirmed in Charlie’s heart that we’re where He wants us to be at SIM USA and that Tami was not to go on this trip! He’s so good to do that!

​Thank you to those who prayed and gave above and beyond for us to advance the gospel by strengthening our missionaries in Bolivia!

They are thankful too!

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