How was Peru?

Where do we begin?  Cockroaches of unusual size? Motocar rides? Church services in Spanish? Shapibo welcome dances? Our trip to Peru was an amazing privilege to see how God is building His church in Peru! Puerto Nuevo, the village we visited, welcomed us as honored guests (being the first non-Peruvian missionaries to visit the village). The heat, humidity, and bugs made it a difficult two days, but the welcome, warmth and view of God’s activity in that village far out weighed those small difficulties.

Pastor Adolfo has taught God’s word in this village for almost a year. God has been drawing believers to Himself. Some believed and wanted to be baptized. Couples living together were convinced that they needed to be married before God. So a large part of our time in this Amazon village was celebrating seven marriages and fifteen baptisms!

Before we left the village, many of the believers there asked the same thing of us: “Don’t forget us.” We assured them that they will remain in our hearts and in our prayers. They were overjoyed to hear that believers in the US would pray for them.

Would you pause and pray for Pastor Adolfo and his family who faithfully teach God’s word and serve this precious church in Puerto Nuevo, Peru? Pray that God continues to grow this church, in depth and in number.

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