No doubt your world has been turned upside down in a short time! Ours has too. How do we respond? Some in fear, some in anger, some in anxiety, most in a mixture of all those emotions. I’ve been through some of those this week too.

An Old Testament king found himself in an overwhelming situation. He prayed. He lead the people to pray and seek God together. I’m thankful for SIM’s recent day of prayer. I’m thankful for a president who declared last Sunday a day of prayer for the situation we’re facing in our world and country. God uses times like these to drive us to Him, reminding us of our utter dependence on the God who controls it all!

Our best response, and oh that it would be our first response, is to pray.

SIM’s International Director said, β€œIt might seem like everything has come to a halt, that we are all unable to move or do anything meaningful. However, our greatest work is still ours every day β€” the work of prayer.

Prayer knows no boundary, no quarantine, no confinement. Prayer knows no travel ban or city blockade. Prayer is still the work. Like the Israelites, we may discover at the end of this time that the Lord has been at work all along, winning battles we were never even aware of.”

What can we do? We can pray! That’s the best we can do! That Old Testament king closed his prayer with these words, “Lord we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” (2 Chron. 20:12.) Let’s keep our eyes on the One who hears, sees and has the power to bring calm in every storm, even when it still rages. You can download these prayer points to help do that. SIM created for these for our Day of Prayer held on March 11th.

As you pray, listen. Be still. What is God wanting to say to you?

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