Faithful Witness in Forgotten Places

The central purpose of the Faithful Witness initiative is to share the gospel with people who have never heard of Jesus Christ.

Faithful Witness teams are church planting missionaries and national co-labourers forming a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-skilled witness and expression of godly love in communities where Christ is least known.

These teams are intentionally and strategically placed amongst the least-reached people alive today—people living and dying with no example of Christian community and no witness of Christ.

At the moment there are six Faithful Witness locations where these teams are serving. The most important thing anyone can do is pray.

Please join in praying for three things:

  1. that the Lord will raise up workers for his harvest that are needed for this initiative.
  2. that the Lord will raise the resources – financial and other needs.
  3. that we will stay in step with Jesus all the way, led by his Holy Spirit and guided by his Word and His love for all people.

Checkout the new video about Faithful Witness in Forgotten Places here

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Thank you for partnering so that Jesus is made famous in places where He is not yet known.

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